Total Connection

Creating a trusting partnership

A horse that... Respects your personal space. Listens to you. Is relaxed and calm around you. Looks to you for guidance when not sure about something. And is confident when out and about, becomes a real joy and pleasure to be with. That feeling of Total Connection and feeling safe around your horse with the knowing that you trust each other is truly wonderful to experience. Through this series of 12 exercises you will start to experience all of the above and feel totally connected to your horse. Being Intelligent Horsemanship's Recommended Trainer for South Wales here in the UK I work with a wide range of problems on a daily basis and these are my 'go to' exercises for gaining the trust and confidence quickly of the horses that I meet and work with for the first time, regardless of what the problem is. Once learnt, the exercises are quick and easy to do and can be done anywhere. Ideal for both young and older horses, or if you want to reconnect with each other after being apart or time off from work. Also great for calming excitable horses in high adrenaline situations or environments, or just as a nice way to connect on a daily basis. Enjoyable and fun to do and your horse will thank you!
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Benefits of the course

  • Builds trust & connection

  • Creates confidence in each other

  • Keeps your horse supple, engaged, relaxed & calm

  • Ideal for both young & older horses

  • Best exercises to do before addressing any behavioural problem

  • No round pen or menage required

  • Easy & fun to do

  • Designed to fit into busy lifestyles

  • Ideal to do before turn out/bringing in

  • 12 video lessons & PDF sheets

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Course Content


You will also receive:

  • Downloadable PDF lesson sheets

    All video lessons are accompanied by a downloadable PDF sheet outlining the key points from that lesson, along with tips and troubleshooting guide. Plus diary PDF sheets to document your sessions.

  • Direct email access to me

    For extra support if needed.

  • Access to 'You & Your Horse and Pony Matters' private facebook group

    All course members are invited to join my private facebook group 'You & Your Horse and Pony Matters' for extra support.

Total Connection

A great chance to create a trusting partnership with your horse. You only have 1 lifetime together. Experience Total Connection.

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Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Trainer

Gillian Bradley

Hi, I'm Gillian Bradley and I've been working with horses professionally for the past 13 years. I studied with Kelly Marks, the founder of Intelligent Horsemanship and in 2010 qualified as Intelligent Horsemanship's Recommended Trainer for South Wales here in the UK and founded my horse behavioural business, Your Horse and Pony Matters. A large part of my work is specialising in helping horses that are displaying behavioural problems such as....tricky to catch, lead, load, travel, not happy to give their feet and spook easily. And I also work with youngsters preparing them for a great start in life and to be ready for their first rider. All my work is based on building trust and working with the psychology of the horse and communicating with their body language. It's not only the safest way to work with horses but is incredibly effective and rewarding beyond measures. Helping people to develop a connected and trust based relationship with their horse, and seeing them finding a positive and fun way forwards together makes me feel like I have the best job in the World! As well as loving horses my whole life my other passion since the age of 3 was playing the violin. This led to me playing professionally with many of the UK's major orchestras and teaching at several prestigious music schools here in the UK before moving back to my home country of Wales to work with the Welsh National Opera orchestra, and it was during this time that I discovered 'Intelligent Horsemanship' and began exploring working with horses. I love living back in Wales with my 4 wonderful horses and enjoy a sometimes surreal mix of work.... ...up until Covid it wasn't unusual for me to be working with loading a tricky horse in the daytime and then playing a performance of La Boheme or similar in the evening with the Welsh National Opera! But since Covid and the absence of live music, I now teach the violin alongside my horse work. In 2012 one of my horses was diagnosed with EMS, and I soon became aware of the difficulties involved in looking after a horse with metabolic issues. I couldn't find anything out on the market that helped to slow down a horses eating whilst still allowing their head to be in a naturally low eating position. Whilst I found this to be very frustrating it also inspired me to embark on designing a slow down hay feeder, that also mimicked the ripping action of grass. I wanted to essentially bring the natural grazing experience into the stable or grass free turn out area. My intention was to try and create something that was a great support for the owner as well, reducing labour and making ease out of the messy and unpleasant task of soaking hay. I also wanted to relieve owners worry about their horses running out of foreage whilst they were out working in the day. This was important as I knew only too well what this was like! And so after 4 years, numerous designs and prototypes the HayLo Slow Down Hayfeeder was born and I'm pleased and very grateful to say is out there fulfilling my intentions each day. My courses I hope too will reach many people across the UK and beyond and make a difference to the lives of many horses and owners as well. Wishing you and your horse all the very best. Gill x


"I am so grateful and fortunate to have found Gill Bradley"

Charlotte Flemming. Usk, South Wales, UK.

"I am so grateful and fortunate to have found Gill Bradley when I was feeling utterly miserable not being able to load my new Arab mare Mini onto my new lorry. They were my retirement project and I could not make headway, despite months of trying everything I knew. I had done Intelligent Horsemanship’s leading and loading weekend, and had had no trouble loading my previous dozen or so horses. But Mini was different. She didn’t do coercion. Full Stop. Friends advised me to give up on her, ‘get an easy cob’.   Then a friend told me how Gill had helped her and I got in touch. She was patient, intuitive, observant, kind, very generous in her time, always listening carefully, putting up with tears, supporting, encouraging and believing in me.  Gill quickly and tactfully identified that Mini didn’t rate me as a leader, so we spent time working on leading her on the ground with authority and the right body language.  She taught me the 'Five Golden Exercises' that have proved to be incredibly useful. After a while Mini did follow me onto the lorry, stay there and relax enough to eat. Gill came with me as I practised travelling Mini and later met me after rides to provide backup for loading if needed. As we grew in confidence and started loading solo she remained at the end of the phone if needed (latterly at the end of an email). Gill never let me down.   Two weeks ago I took Mini to an oversubscribed fun ride where, in short, she was overwhelmed with adrenaline, so we abandoned the ride and returned to the lorry. After a rest I did the 'Five Golden Exercises' and asked her to load. She did, like a little automation. It was the easiest bit of the day.   Learning to load Mini was not a quick fix, but through Gill I learned a lot about myself and have definitely improved my horsemanship. I cannot recommend her highly enough."  

"Watching Norman emerge from his very 'shut down' anxious and submissive state..."

Claire Nissel. Lydney, Gloucestershire, UK.

"Watching Norman emerge from his very 'shut down', anxious and submissive state from his previous difficult past, into an outgoing, interactive, confident and happy chap has been a great joy. Gill's understanding of horses (and their owners!) is second to none, and her very patient, gentle and incremental approach has been absolutely key to developing both Norman's confidence and my own and the growing trust between us. Gill gives very clear explanations and guidance and what she says makes huge sense and most importantly- it works. Gill is a brilliant confidence giver, always encouraging, and she makes me and Norman feel like the bee's knees and that is exactly what she is to us”.

"I needed help loading my horse"

Rona Abercrombie. Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, UK

"Thanks so much! You've transformed my summer! I now have a lesson booked and a clinic too. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and felt quite emotional when my horse loaded back onto the trailer straight away after a trip out last night. You are a genius indeed! x"

"I had bought 2 unhandled donkeys"

Andrea Underwood. Newport, South Wales, UK.

"Gill has beeen a huge help to me. I bought two unhandled donkeys which quickly became three as one turned out to be pregnant! I had some basic equine knowledge as I had ridden as a teenager but nowhere near enough to cope with a hormonal young jenny and her offspring. Since engaging Gill we have worked on catching, being happy to be touched and groomed, foot handling, loading and walking down the road, as well as long lining and backing preparation, which has led to one being ridden now by a child. In the beginning I had a lot of people offering me their advice, none of it as gentle or as subtle as the methods Gill uses. Thankfully I ignored them and stayed with Gill! "

"I needed help with my young horse"

Tereasa Bowes. Shrewsbury, UK

"Without Gill I would have really struggled with my young horse, I might have even given up and sold him on. Gill is not only a lovely person, but kind and gentle in manner, and never judgemental. She is also fantastic and extremely skilled with horses and explains everything fully, as well as being incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Gill has a true gift with horses, she is also a very intelligent lady with a great personality. I highly recommend her."

" I wasn't expecting miracles!"

Tracy P. Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan, South Wales.

"I wasn't expecting miracles, I was hoping for the tools to help us continue to work with my horse Robbie's lack of confidence.Gill was amazing! So calm, so patient and so understanding. Robbie was so relaxed, actually we all were. We got so much more than we hoped for. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to Gill for coming to see Robbie and working with him and us. We never felt under any pressure and I know Robbie didn't either. I am so glad I contacted Gill, thank you!"

"I cannot thank Gill enough."

by Laura N. Monmouth, S. Wales, UK

"I cannot thank Gill enough. She has helped us regain trust & confidence in one another, made a huge difference to my horse and grately improved our relationship. I would not hesitate to recommend Gill to other horse owners."

Total Connection

A great chance to create a trusting partnership with your horse. You only have 1 lifetime together. Experience Total Connection.

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  • Is this just a one time purchase?

    Yes. There are no hidden costs and you have access straight away to the course.

  • Is there a time limit on completing the course?

    No. You can take as long as you like to complete the course and you have unlimited access. Once you buy the course its yours to keep.

  • What if I'm not sure about any of the exercises in the course and get stuck?

    You will have access to my private email where you can contact me directly if you need help and also you will have access to my private course group where you can interact with fellow students and myself to receive extra support if you need it.

  • What if I buy the course and realise its not for me?

    No worries. I offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

  • Is this course suitable for young horses?

    Once your horse is happy to wear a head collar and understands to move off pressure and not into it then you can start to incorporate these exercises into your daily handling.

  • I already feel I have a trusting realtionship with my horse would this be of any benefit?

    These are a very valuable collection of exercises that are very useful to learn and can help in many different situations. Whether that's a stressful high adrenaline situation or just wanting to connect or reconnect after a period of time apart, or simply to transition from a field mindset into a working mindset. There are lots of benefits to these and also physical benefits too, so they're great for the older horse too.

  • I have a specific problem with my horse, would these be a good starting place?

    YES PERFECT! These exercises are ideal for gaining a quick connection and trust with your horse prior to addressing a behavioural problem, whether that's loading, clipping or foot handling etc.

  • How long does it take to work through the whole course?

    The video lessons are short and can be repeated as much as you like. In total the course videos add up to be about an hour, if played straight through once.

  • What if I can't play the videos outside due to poor internet connection and forget the exercises?

    Each of the short video lessons have a PDF print out which is also downloadable, so that you can take these outside with you to remind you of the key points of each exercise. The sheets also include tips and a troubleshooting guide.

Introductory Offer

  • Guarantee

    30 day money back guarantee, if you find the course isn't for you.

  • P.S.

    Don't loose out on a great chance to create a trusting partnership with your horse. You only have 1 lifetime together. Experience Total Connection.